Why We Created AGoGo Baby?

Why We Created AGoGo Baby?

We were off as a family on a long weekend to Amsterdam. Almost at every point our pram was a source of frustration and stress. Loading our baggage and pram into a taxi felt like an achievement in itself (we'd only got weekend bags!). At the airport our stroller was cumbersome to collapse and travelling to the plane it was bulky. 

When we arrived we had to wait half an hour for the pram to be offloaded and collect it from the luggage belt. Throughout the weekend the pram was simply tooo big and cumbersome to pop into Cafe's and carrying it up Amsterdams famously perilous and steep steps bought a level of adrenaline that didn't feel appropriate for what should be an everyday task. 

As your reading this, your probably thinking: Why have they got SUCH A BIG PRAM?!? Truth is, we have one pram, and when not travelling it's brilliant. It's strong, robust, great for dog walks with our family. We researched heavily "The Best Family Pram" and this one cost the earth (as much as a second hand car!) so we wanted to get the most out of our investment and use as much as possible. #

After our family trip to Amsterdam we decided we needed to buy a travel pram, we'd seen a few at the airport and the families that had these prams seemed to be having a much less stressful experience. When we researched this we were shocked and disappointed. Either we would have to buy a cheap low quality pram which presents it's own set of problems or the ones that are better quality would set us back more than our whole weekend in Amsterdam. 

After sharing our experience with friends we soon realised that this was a common frustration and decided we would set up AGoGo to create an affordable but quality pushchair that was designed to help travel the world with your baby/toddler.

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